Mary J. Wright




Tree Jewels

I had no idea that one could make needlepoint canvas into a ball but it worked well. I did have some difficulty getting the hanger through the canvas and into the Styrofoam. My engineer friend solved the problem by screwing in a screw for the hanger. I did not follow Anna Marie's diagram so you will see that the rotation of the red, green, and gold lines of beads are not as Anna Marie designed the piece.

golden kimono Golden Kimono

This was my first cyber class and it was a great way to learn as I am in Kansas, far away from Anna Marie. Using digital photos, Anna Marie was able to guide me to a beautiful finished piece. Each lesson brought a new dimension to my needlepoint experience as I had not done couching or worked with metal threads or done padding. It now hangs in my living room and brings me so many wonderful compliments.


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