4 Day Classes
Autumn Maples

Autumn Maples, inspired by the ancient art of origami, is a contemporary canvas design that combines the elegance of silk with the rich texture of metal threads. The kimono, worked in a series of intricate patterns and textures to create the body, lapel and lining, provides the perfect background to highlight the dazzling colours and textures of maples in autumn. Working with both solid and overdye silk, each student will create a unique and individual display of leaves using the shading techniques experienced in class. This workshop will focus on traditional counted thread techniques in combination with more contemporary methods of working with silk and metal threads on congress cloth. 10” x 12 ½”

Intermediate to Advanced          4 Days
Autumn Splendor

This workshop will introduce students to exciting and innovative techniques on canvas. Beginning with a stenciled, silk screened canvas, students will create a stitched background of narrow stripes and geometric bands. Pine motifs are created from organza using two different techniques – surface bonding and three-dimensional appliqués – to produce a smooth working surface for the application of stitches. French knots and other small stitches are worked over the organza, adding dimension and subtle shading to the pine motifs. Couching techniques are used to apply rows of Japan gold in several sizes and colors create a flow of texture, highlights and shadows. 8” x 10”

Intermediate to Advanced          4 Days
Inspired by the Orient

Oriental textiles have long held a fascination for me. The colors, images and symbolism woven and embroidered into these textiles provide endless inspiration. This fascination with oriental textiles has led me to acquire a number of exquisite Japanese obi, many of which are heavily embroidered in silk and metal thread.

This notebook workshop will give students the opportunity to see first hand the connection between traditional Japanese textiles and the stitches and patterns that are used in contemporary embroidery. Through a hands-on study of the textiles and a series of notebook samples, students will learn how to identify and chart patterns that could be adapted for use in canvas and other forms of counted thread embroidery including intricate brocade patterns, borders, filling stitches, and laid patterns through a series of stitched notebook samples.

All Levels          4 Days

Inspired by an embroidery from the Ch’ing Dynasty “Serenity” is a contemporary design incorporating the elegance of silk with the rich color of Japanese metal threads. The body of the kimono, worked in an interlocking pattern, provides the perfect background to highlight the soft colors and textures of the flowers, leaves and curling vines. Techniques used to create transparency highlight a vibrant dragonfly poised in flight.

Students will create an individual display of flowers and leaves, using the soft shading techniques experienced in class with flat and spun silk in both solid and overdye colours. A fine fretwork of twisted silk completes the design. This workshop will focus on traditional counted thread techniques in combination with more contemporary methods of working with silk and metal threads on Congress cloth. 10 ½” x 12”

Advanced Intermediate         4 Days

2 Day Classes

Lotus Blossoms

Gentle lotus blossoms grace this study in adapting surface stitches to canvas embroidery. Using silk and metal threads, students will be introduced to outlining, padding and soft shading using long and short stitches to produce the intricate shading of the lotus blossoms and leaves. Couched Japan gold and Jaceron are used to create the elegant, curved border. A blackwork pattern worked in either white silk or find gold thread completes the background. 8" x 10"

Advanced Intermediate         2 Days

A butterfly rests on a blade of grass, growing in graceful curves across the shoulder of a summer kimono. In this asymmetrical design set on a background of shimmering organza, students will be introduced to the techniques of working with silk and metal threads on a bonded fabric ground. A small geometric pattern, reminiscent of the braided fence design in Oriental embroidery, forms the background for the kimono. Intricate geometric patterns using laid and couching techniques worked in a variety of solid and overdye silk threads over Japanese gold, create the wings of the butterfly, while padding and chipping techniques form the body. Slender grasses of filament silk are worked over the background stitches to complete the design. 9 ½” x 11”

Intermediate to Advanced         2 Days

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